Our Aikido

Hikarikan follows the style of aikido developed by Kenji Tomiki, a personal student of both Morihei Ueshiba and Jigoro Kano, the founders of aikido and judo respectively. Kenji Tomiki, held the rank of 8th dan in both aikido and judo and perfected a style that used the judo methodology of sequenced kata and randori (unstructured free practice) to teach aikido.

Our Credentials

Hikarikan Tomiki Aikido is a British Aikido Association< club. The BAA is a founder member of the British Aikido Board< (the Sport England sponsored governing body for aikido in the UK). The British Aikido Association organises courses and seminars with high ranking teachers from Japan and the UK and stages annual competitions and other national events.

The BAA is the licensing authority for Tomiki Aikido in the UK and all its gradings are recognised by the Japan Aikido Association (NPO) and by other aikido associations world wide. All Hikarikan coaches hold BAB coaching qualifications and civil liabilty insurance. You can be sure that you will train safely, to the highest standards, with Hikarikan Tomiki Aikido.




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